Challenge: White on White / Black on Black

Self Portrait Challenge: White on White / Black on Black
Submissions accepted from July 1st – August 31st 2017*

Choose white or black as your color theme and then create a self portrait image where you are shooting either white subject matter on white background or black subject matter on black background. See links below for more insight.

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image by community moderator Nynke Bonga


You may find these links helpful:

Here’s a gallery of great white on white / black on black self portraits:


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image by community moderator sam breach



Submissions accepted from July 1st – August 31st 2017*
Entry must be a self portrait that is your original work and adheres to the theme. Only one entry per person.
The self portrait must be current (captured during the submission timeframe of the challenge), though composite elements of the image do not have to be current.

*Facebook events allow only a 2 week period of time to be designated for an “event” – the start and end dates on the Facebook event are August 18 – 31st as those are the last 2 weeks of the submission period. Please note that you may post your submission to either (or both) the Facebook Event and/or the Google+ Challenge Submissions Category *any* time between July 1st and August 31st 2017.

At the end of the submission period, the Owners and Moderators of The Art of Self Portraiture Community will select a group of 5 finalists and announce and feature these artists and their images. From these, one overall winner will be selected. The winner will have their work featured on all of our social media channels and be highlighted in a post on our website.

Please note that moderator judging is subjective (art always is!). Each moderator will cast their vote based on adherence to the theme and rules, as well as their own subjective impressions of the art and aesthetics of entries (such as emotional quality, creativity, overall technical skill required, processing quality, etc). Moderator votes are final and not subject to debate.

Current ASP Community Moderators:
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Mark Rodriguez
Annie Weibull
Aska Koziara
Jason Mayers
Kelly Richards
Nynke Bonga
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Ricardo Williams
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