April Challenge: Imitate Art

The April Self Portrait Challenge is “Imitate Art.” What this means is that you find and choose a classic or contemporary painting or iconic photo/image (art) to imitate with a self portrait. You’ll need to be able to provide a link to the original and attribute the artist/creator. Please add the link and attribution in the caption of your submission.

For detailed rules and to enter, please click here. (Make sure you click “read more” under “Details” to see all information.)

Remember that imitation does not have to = perfect replication. You can put your spin on things, get as close as possible, conceptualize a bit differently than the original, etc. Have fun looking through art online, selecting a piece or two to try and then experiencing the glory of trial and error. This is guaranteed to be fun as well as a great learning experience!

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Tips & Inspiration
The article this idea came from has some great examples: http://goo.gl/fRQWKU
And here are some more (kind of silly) examples: http://goo.gl/CgqPd8

Images like this are somewhat difficult to find, but we have gathered a small handful into a gallery: https://goo.gl/ipcNbv

If you have questions or need help, you can comment directly on the event or pop into the Community http://goo.gl/W69Ohj and ask away! We have a category for discussion and questions and are happy to help with anything.

Image by Joanna Koziara, based on the original “Friday Khalo” by Joanna Sierko Filipowska