March Challenge: Scanography

The March Self Portrait Challenge is “Scanography.” What this means is your image must be captured using a scanner of some sort. We can make beautiful art using all kinds of different tools – this should challenge you to use something a little different than what you usually turn to when making images, which is fun and informative to your creative process. 🙂

If you don’t have a scanner of your own, ask a friend or use one at your workplace (with permission, no getting in trouble at your job) or public library. Be carefuldon’t hurt yourself or damage the scanner! Get creative and have fun – these images can be very striking and have a great quality to them that lends itself to creative posing, styling, and processing. Post processing the image is fine – the only constraint is it must be captured with a scanner of some sort.

For detailed rules and to enter, please click here. (Make sure you click “read more” under “Details” to see all information.)


~1 Year SmugMug Business Account
(or comped value on current account)
~$150 Gift Certificate (restrictions apply*) for
~Think Tank Photo Digital Holster 20
~ Capturing Couture Gift Code in the amount of $42.95

Tips & Inspiration

I’ve curated a gallery of really interesting scanography self-portraits that you can check out for inspiration. Check it out here:
If you’d like, you can see an album of my own scanography here:

If you have questions or need help, you can comment directly on the event or pop into the Community and ask away! We have a category for discussion and questions and are happy to help with anything


Image by Measie Elizabeth


Image by Lotus Carroll
Image by Lotus Carroll


Image by Measie Elizabeth
Image by Measie Elizabeth